Lavash & Poetry

Here is my first attempt at translating a poem. A lot harder than I imagined, in that it actually brought somewhat of a poet out of me! (Much thanks to my dear Lizzie… Continue reading

Volunteers can go on vacation too

Some recent photos from Armenia and my trip to Switzerland: After a minimum of 4 months of volunteering, Depi Hayk allows its volunteers 2 weeks of vacation time, and the right to leave… Continue reading

photographing the motherland

In an attempt to not be redundant, I have compiled a gallery of some of my favorite photos taken in Armenia thus far–for all those who don’t have access to facebook or if… Continue reading

“To have another language is to possess a second soul.”

I read this quote from Charlemagne this morning and have to say that these words are completely true. My second soul, or rather my first, rests on the wings of the ancient Armenian… Continue reading

From outbackism to takuhism

Takuhi Թագուհի Queen I decided to rename this dusty and untouched blog I created over a year ago and bring it back to life under the seemingly narcissistic yet fitting title, Takuhi. As of… Continue reading

Plaza del who?

Missed Aussie Orientation for this? Here’s five reasons why s’okay with me. Te extrano Playa del Carmen.